Ambassadori Tbilisi

Great Location, Service and Stay


History of Ambassadori Tbilisi begins in 2004. In the heart of Tbilisi, in a very beautiful historic district of the city, a new restaurant was opened. Breathtaking views of the old city, established on the right bank of river Mtkvari was perfectly visible from the restaurant. Views seen from "Ambassadori" were especially attractive for tourists, which became the main premise of decision to build a hotel instead of restaurant. At the beginning hotel 7 rooms hotel was built.

It gradually became a prominent place in Tbilisi for the locals, while at the same time for the foreigners it was a very attractive and comfortable place to visit. Location, views and interior of Ambassadori used to make their journey to Tbilisi unforgettable for them.

Demand for more rooms was increasing day by day. That was the reason why in 2013 it was decided to add a new building to the old one.
According to Italian architects’ and designers’ project, next to old "Ambassadori", at the historic location of Tbilisi, it was decided to build a high class hotel.

We hope that, a new Ambassadori hotel with 121 rooms, with beautiful terraces, magnificent views, comfortable rooms and service with high class standards will create unforgettable experience for the guests and bars and restaurants of the hotel will become as prominent as the first restaurant was back in the day.