Ambassadori Kachreti

Find your Freedom

15 July, 2022
Fedora Akimova’s project ‘Гомiн’ *(from Ukrainian “Homin” – noise, hum) talks about the war through the themes of memory, loss of home and the unification of experience through death. It contains two parts: a solo exhibition and a land art object.
In the space of the gallery Fedora builds a pattern of triangles, which rhythmic refers to documentary photographs of numerous military graves. Dug out at the same time, in a hurry, they form a terrifying pattern which seems to unify the experience of death.
In the small hall, Fedora focuses on the problem of post-traumatic memory, a phenomenon, which is characterized by forgetting or loss of random episodes of events or a time period. Similarly, the artist's exposition is scattered and fragmented. Fedora recreates these flashbacks that tell out about the loss.
Fedora Akimova is a mixed-media artist specializing in installations, video and objects. She was born in 1987 in Kyiv, where, after receiving her first degree in Printing and graphics, she began her creative career as an illustrator. In 2010 she moved to Russia, where she resided and practiced, and had multiple exhibitions in private galleries and large institutions. Her works are part of collections around the world: US, UK, Australia, Poland, Germany, France, South Korea, Mexico, Russia and of course, Ukraine. Since March, 2022, Fedora lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia with her family.